I am in my perfect timeline
I am doing what I love to do
I am divinely happy
I am divinely prospered


How do I make money?

I am financially independent and secure. I have a multitude of successful jobs.

  • I have a successful freelance business with Alchemy & Design with many clients that are aligned with my Spiritual mission.
  • I am working with a wonderful company that are giving me regular contract work which I enjoy doing.
  • I have a successful Youtube channel that is in alignment with my goals and mission with over 50K subscribers.
  • I have a successful online business that generates over 3K a month and which I am excited about.

What is my love life?

I have the perfect partner for me. She is about 5 feet tall. She has dark hair and about 115 pounds. She is pretty with a beautiful smile. No children and we understand each other so well in an emotional, spiritual and intimate level. We have so much in common with taste in movies, music and life philosophy. She also enjoys watching UFC. We are perfect for each other in every way. She loves me as much as I love her. Our feelings are mutually reciprocated 1000%. She cant live without me and I cant live without her. Shes totally in love with me as I am with her. We live with each other in a small house that is slightly off grid. We live in a mostly warm climate and near the ocean. Our house is cozy and very serene. We have a lovely cute small dog.

What is my inner life like?

I feel happy about my life. Everything is going so well so my mental state is the happiest it has ever been. I feel like I am in the flow of life everything happens so effortlessly. I am so grateful with my life and what is happening. I am in awe with the magic and magnificence of life. I am at my perfect timeline. Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually I am the best I have ever felt. Sometimes I cant believe how great I feel. I am smiling and laughing every day :)

What is my health like?

My health is doing good. I commit to exercise and yoga at least 3 times a week. I am at my ideal weight of 130 pounds and staying consistent. I have no major physical ailments. I eat very well and eat a mostly vegetarian diet. My brain and heart are the healthiest it has ever been.