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Professional WordPress web development that will be responsive in all devices.
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Clean and modern looking graphic interfaces that will sure to impress your visitors.
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Alchemy in spiritual terms is an ancient philosophy that uses the metaphor of transforming metals into gold for attaining spiritual enlightenment. It is used to achieve contentment, harmony, and awareness by liberating one's essence from one's acquired personality. 

My mission is to work with the conscious minded business or person with my expertise in web technologies. To help transform your online presence and uplift the vibration of the world marketing your unique talents and gifts.

I specialize in designing and developing websites for those working in the spiritual and healing profession. Together we can create a synergy to promote positive and vibratory changes to the collective consciousness.

In this period of unpredictability with COVID and war. It is especially important for preparing humanity for this new normal of living. 


Alchemy & Design was created by chief alchemist Rey Mestidio, based in Toronto he has over 11 years of professional web design and development experience having worked with some of the biggest brands.  He was also the webmaster for the Science and Non Duality website for 3 years.

As a Lightworker and longtime seeker of Truth one of my passions is designing and building websites.   I am here to assist you in creating an amazing and professional online presence that will express your unique gifts and talents to the world. We were called here to help lift the vibration of the world and in doing so working together.  If this resonates with you, please contact me to start manifesting today. 

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Why work with me?

I want to work with fellow Lightworker's to achieve your goals and fulfill your mission while growing your business. My mission is to make sure you get a beautiful website that resonates people to your unique gifts.

By also working at an energetic level. I will help provide strategy and support to get your website in alignment with your purpose. My expertise in building professional websites that can help you reach your goals.

I believe in your mission and purpose here in this planet.  I want to genuinely and authentically express your special gifts to those who are called and attracted to your presence on the internet.


  • Rey designed a very beautiful website for me. He was very flexible and worked with my ideas as well as his, which made the process so much easier. He knows what works and has alot of experience in this process. The website looks great so obviously he knows what he's talking about. 😄
    Thanks Ray.

    Sam Midgley

  • I recently had the pleasure of using the services of Rey to create a website to support a new initiative that I have undertaken. As a life-long social worker and lacking the technical expertise required to create a website, I engaged Rey following a short conversation about my new and unique business. It was immediately evident that Rey had a full grasp of what I envisioned for the layout and the message I was looking for. His initial prototype remarkably captured the essence of what I hoped for. Following a few short phone calls and further additions to the content, we arrived at a finished version within a week of work. Rey made this somewhat imposing exercise extremely easy for me and provided excellent suggestions and input to quickly get me to where I was not only happy but proud of my website.
    I highly recommend Rey Mestidio for any website creation or modifications you might require for your business.

    Anne Rosart

  • Rey has been my Web designer since 2014. It has been a pleasure to work with him ever since. A great technician with talented creative skills. He is able to design a clear, simple, readable site in an innovative and artistic way, and yet very specific in its content regarding client requirements and specific needs and goals. Rey is also very easy to communicate with when an issue is raised. Besides, he is a good listener. Finally, Rey is very affordable when compared with the competition. Rey is a win-win solution. 

    Zen Master Arnaud

  • It was a pleasure to work with Rey. He is very knowledgeable and paid attention to my list of things I wanted on my site. I'm very happy with the final product. The images he chose and the colors were spot on. He just knew what I wanted and delivered. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him if your looking for a professional to work on your website.

    Jared Hunter
    Project Manager/Scotiabank


I would love to hear from you.  I offer reasonable pricing and can work within your budget.
 Start manifesting today!

 2023 - 🜁lchemy & Design